Adding some girly touches to your car

Number Plates

Cars are often seen as a man’s domain but of course us girls love our cars too. Most cars are quite masculine in appearance. There are some lovely girly pink and purple cars out there, but most of us tend to end up with the most common colours, black, white or red perhaps. So how do you add a feminine touch to the average car?

Well thankfully there are plenty of great accessories you can buy to make your car more personal to you.

How about these gorgeous daisy alloy wheels?

Or these cute Me To You car mats from Halfords?

You can also buy a huge range of decals, so you can cover your vehicle in flowers, butterflies or perhaps add black spots to a boring red car to turn it into a ladybird!

Of course you can also treat yourself to a personalised number plate such as 45 HER, MRS 232 or 5555 MS all of which are available from Speedy Reg.