Get plates for less at Speedy Reg

plates for less at speedy

 Why pay more for your car number plates when you get plates for less at Speedy Reg

In the current economic market customers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to shopping around, particularly when it comes to more expensive items. With so much competition within the industry Speedy Reg believe it is very important to keep prices competitive and always strive to ensure their customers get the best value for money. Not only will they help you find the perfect car registration but they will also work around your budget, however low that may be.

If your budget is very limited you will find the cheapest Irish dateless registrations on the market on their website ranging from £40 +VAT +Transfer fee. You will also find a selection of dateless numbers on retention at very reasonable prices. Speedy Reg also offer a price match guarantee on certain types of registration so if you are shopping around just give them a call to discuss your options.

If you have found the registration you have always been looking for but are struggling to get the funds together Speedy Reg offer a buy now pay later finance option, which allows you to secure a registration paying a small deposit and if you are successful with your finance application you can pay the balance within one year at 0% interest.

So with all the benefits Speedy reg have to offer why pay more for your car number plates when you can get plates for less at Speedy Reg?