Matching your number plate to your car

Number Plates

We love the idea of a co-ordinated car / personalised number plate combo and so we’ve come up with some suggestions for you to tie in your car’s make or model with a personalised plate.

If you’re a BMW owner, you’ve got plenty of brilliant choices, you could have 71 BMW, F6 BMW or BMW 200L. TVR owners also have some super plates to choose from. Some of our favourites are 4 TVR, F2 TVR and F3 TVR.

If you drive a Lamborghini you could have 10 LAM, 111 LAM or LAM 30X. Rover drivers can have B17 ROV or C10 ROV. If you have a Citroen 2CV then how about B2 CVJ or B2 CVN? Jaguar owners could pick up 75 JAG or the awesome JAG 3R. Jeep owners needn’t miss out either, we’ve spotted J505 EEP just for you. If you own a Volkswagen Beetle then there are plenty of great BUG plates. How about BUG 5S or C20 BUG? For the owner of a Rolls Royce we’ve got ROL 13R, own an MG then you can have the pick of some fabulous plates; do MG 3, MG 4 or 5 MG take your fancy?

Whatever make and model of car you drive, you’re bound to find a great plate that will match nicely with your car of choice. Of course if you don’t find a match for your make or model, you’ve got plenty of other options, pick a plate with your name on, one that advertises your business, or a plate that makes a statement about your hobbies or interests.

Photo credit: Hugo90 / / CC BY

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