Number Plates for Sale

Number Plates

Here at Speedy Reg we have loads of great number plates for sale, but other than the huge choice, why else would you opt to buy your plates from Speedy Reg when there are other companies that offer similar services?

Well there are plenty of reasons. Our prices are competitive and we also have a massive array of plates for under £100, as well as plenty of top-end highly desirable plates too of course. Regardless of whether you’re buying one of our bargain cheap plates, or a plate costing tens of thousands of pounds, you always get the same exemplary customer service, something of which we’re very proud. A lot of our business comes by word of mouth, from customers recommending us to their friends, family and colleagues after they have had a great experience.

We’ve been around since 1984 so we’re a long established business. That means we’re not going anywhere and we know what we’re doing! We undertake your registration transfer in super quick time, and we’ve streamlined all our processes to get your new number plate on your car as quickly as possible.

That’s not all though, we are the number one supplier of Irish number plates in the UK and our website and search facility is very easy to use making choosing a new plate easy and trouble free.

Photo credit: the Italian voice / / CC BY