May birthday presents for celebs

Number Plates

Plenty of celebrities have a birthday this month, and celebs love personalised number plates so let’s find the perfect plates for the birthday boys and girls this month.

Ray Parker the singer and songwriter who created the famous Ghostbusters theme song celebrated his birthday on May 1st. We think he’d love the plate 66 RAY.  Actress Kay Panabaker born on 2nd May 1990 might love the plate C5 KAY. George Clooney also celebrates his birthday in May and we’ve found two great plates for him. He could take his pick from GEO 26E or G36 RGE. Of course he’s very famous and very rich, so we’re sure he could snap up them both. He’s bound to have two fabulous cars to put them on!

For young Disney Channel actress Debby Ryan there are plenty of great DEB plates to choose from. We like 87 DEB and 400 DEB. X-Factor finalist Olly Murs could celebrate his May birthday with D10 LLY or MUR 12. Tennis champion Andy Murray celebrates his birthday on May 15. Ideal plates for him would be MUR 444Y or perhaps TEN 11S!

Chow Yun Fat, star of the hit film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon could be driving around with FAT IIE plates, or he could pick up A9 YUN for under £200!

Photo credit: Aih. / / CC BY