New cars selling like hot cakes


New car sales are up this year, by over 10% on last year. Personalised registrations are up a whopping 15% on last year too. So which cars are proving to be the most popular?

The new Mercedes C-Class is proving to be a popular choice for the luxury end of the market. The new Ford Focus is another good seller currently. This new model is a little larger than previous versions, perhaps making it more appealing to people who like a little extra room. The Ford Fiesta is always popular, being reasonably priced and well known for being reliable, the new models have a great sleek look about them too. The Vauxhall Astra has been another top seller, as has the Corsa. The Nissan QashQai with its’ rugged good looks has also sold well this year. It stands out from the crowd and this is perhaps why it’s proving to be so popular. The Volkswagon Golf is always a good seller and it’s doing well this year too, the Polo too has had plenty of interest, but the Golf remains the most popular of the two. The new Peugeot 208 with its’ curvaceous exterior is also selling well.

Photo credit: කේදාර KhE 龙 / / CC BY