Fifty Plates of Grey – free cable ties with every order this weekend


Well actually they’re yellow and not grey, that would be illegal, but we’ve got your attention right? So what are your Valentines plans this year? A meal in a fancy restaurant? The usual bunch of red roses, or perhaps you’re going to spice things up this year? No, we don’t mean by ordering a takeaway curry, we’re thinking perhaps you’re going to book tickets for a Valentines trip to the cinema to see the eagerly awaited Fifty Shades of Grey. It could be the start of a whole new ‘thing’ for you, it could revitalise your relationship, refresh the parts that other films simply cannot reach, or maybe your loved one will run away screaming, in fear, not in pleasure!

Whatever you’re doing, you probably want to treat your partner to a special gift. Forget the chocolates and perfume this year and get them something unique, something that totally expresses your undying love. Of course we’re talking about personalised registration plates! The perfect personalised romantic gift that will last forever, unlike the chocolates and roses! We’ve got some great plates for Valentines Day. How about a MR or MRS plate, or maybe a matching pair for both of you? Available right now are 49 MR, 96 MR and MR 140 as well as 10 MRS, 14 MRS and MRS 232 for the ladies! We’ve got a whole host of romantic plates too such as 30 LUV, LUV 130Y, and if you’re looking a Valentines gift that won’t break the bank, you can pick up AD03 LUV (and many other similar plates) for just £199! We’re particular fond of the very cute LOV 3Y which is currently available for £8,550. Wouldn’t that make the perfect Valentines present for your beloved?

Whatever plates you choose, if you buy them this weekend, we’ve got the perfect free gift for you. Every set of number plates come with… free cable ties! Now if you are planning that trip to the cinema this Valentines, we’re sure it will give you some inspiration on some creative ways to use this fabulous and versatile free gift. Cable ties are for so much more than securing your number plates, so, so much more! Have fun and Happy Valentines!