Top 5 Car Cleaning Tools and Accessories


Keeping your car spotless can be quite a difficult and time-consuming task if you are unfamiliar with the process or you are not sure what the best tools for the job will be.

AutoGeek advises that you “never wash in direct sunlight,” and that you should work from a shady spot instead. They also advise that when cleaning your car, you “choose tools that are gentle on the paint, yet still effective at removing contamination.” Taking this advice on board, here are some top car cleaning tools that are needed for both exterior and interior car-cleaning:

Car Shampoo

If you have accidently spilt liquid on your seat then car shampoo will provide you with the most effective solution to get rid of the stain. Make sure that you shampoo lightly to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear. According to Auto Express, “household soaps can harm paint, a specialist car shampoo is the only way to go.” Car shampoo can also remove grime but it can only be used for fabric seats. If your car has leather seats then it is advised to stay clear of car shampoo and instead opt for leather cleaner and conditioner, which works just as well.

Metal Polish

This type of polish is ideal for cars because it removes lime scale stains, rust, heat discolouration, oxidisation, grease build-up, salt-water corrosion, hard water, acid rain residue and finger-marks. Cleaning supplies from Click Cleaning are perfect for washing cars and they have a range of various options available. Their metal polish is non-toxic and produces the best results even in harsh conditions and in extreme temperatures.

Glass Cleaner

Cleaning mirrors, windows and different plastics can all be done using the same glass and plastic cleaner. This type of cleaner can prove to be very effective for cleaning stainless steel, glass and aluminium, making it the perfect product to use to clean your rear-view mirrors. It is used undiluted and by spraying the substance onto the surface and simply wiping it clean with a cloth or an old t-shirt.

Microfiber Cloths/Soft Sponges

In order to clean well you are going to need the best cleaning devices available and when it comes to washing cars, soft sponges and microfiber cloths are the wisest choices. A soft sponge will ensure that no damage is done to the paint, whilst a microfiber cloth is perfect for washing mirrors, metal and glass.

This type of cloth is made up of thousands of soft microscopic fibres that create a stable charge. This helps to attract even the tiniest dust particles, which makes this type of cloth the most successful when it comes to cleaning, polishing or buffing wax on cars because it prevents paint damage.

Flagged Brush

Depending on the size of your car there will be a suitable flagged brush to pair it with. These brushes are sturdy and ideal for cleaning the exterior of your car. It can be either dipped into a bucket of solution or water fed. This kind of brush will not damage the paint and it is easy to reach the top of the car, which can often prove to be a difficult area to clean.

So now you know the best tools for the job, your Sunday afternoon activity should be well and truly sorted. Have fun!