Family Cheap number plates

Number Plates

Here at Speedy Reg we’ve got loads of really cheap number plates. When you can pick up a personalised number plate for under £50 you can afford to get a fabulous plate for yourself and also treat your nearest and dearest! How cool would it be to have personalised plates on all the cars in your driveway? It’s bound to turn the heads of the neighbours! You could even get similar plates for all your vehicles, perhaps with your family surname incorporated!

Lets look at some examples. If your surname is DAY and you have three cars in the household you could pick up these great plates: AA04 DAY, AB04 DAY and AE04 DAY. You could buy ALL 3 of these plates for under £600. That’s the combined cost, not each! You can go even cheaper than that though. For example, if your names are Carol, Robert and Zara, you could pick plates that combine all your initials and buy CRZ 7385, CRZ 7386 and CRZ 7387. These plates are just £89 each!

Having matching plates is fabulous for a family and so romantic for a couple. They’d make a great wedding present too!

Photo credit: Damian Morys Photography / / CC BY