A massive selection of DVLA number plates



We currently have a huge range of personalised DVLA number plates for sale. We have both current and prefix style plates available.


What is the difference between the current and prefix style registrations?


Current style registrations are the type of plate issued since September 2001 when the format of plates changed. These registrations start with two letters, followed by two numbers that represent the year of issue. We call them current style simply because it is the style currently in use!


Prefix style registrations are the format issued prior to September 2001, to be more specific, they were issued from August 1983 until August 2001. These plates have one year identifier letter followed by one, two or three numbers, and end with another three numbers. These are referred to as prefix style because the age identifier is located at the beginning of the set of characters.


It’s worth bearing in mind when you’re looking for a new registration, that you cannot display a license plate that makes your car look older than it is, that means you cannot have a year identifier on your registration that represents any year after your car was manufactured. If you have an older car, this can limit your choices. We do have thousands of DVLA plates to choose from, with a wide range of different year identifiers, but if you are struggling to find the perfect plate for your older vehicle, we also stock thousands of Irish plates. The beauty of Irish plates is that they are all dateless so you don’t have to take the age of your vehicle into consideration when choosing an Irish plate. They are also incredibly good value for money and are well worth a look at, even if you don’t have an older car.


Whichever style of registration you’re looking for, you can search for them all via our search engine. We’ve made it as easy as possible to use, with options to select prefix, current style or dateless plates, or to search across our entire selection with our simple keyword search. Simply type in a word, or numbers that you’d like to be included in your plate and you’ll quickly be given a list of suggestions. You don’t have to think about the different characters that could represent your word either, such as a 3 that could represent a B, as our system will work all that our for you.


We deal directly with the DVLA, that, along with our thirty plus years in the business is why we are renowned for our speedy service. You won’t find a faster transfer in the marketplace. For many of our plates your transfer will go through the very next day. We can even send you your physical plates if you require them. If you opt for one of our Irish plates, then we also offer a price promise. We promise you won’t find a cheaper Irish registration and we guarantee to beat any quote from any other provider.