Cheap 3 x 3 car registrations from £190



If you’re looking for a really cool looking private plate at a bargain price, you MUST take a look at our 3×3 range. Starting at just £190 they’re extremely good value and they look amazing.


What do we mean by 3×3? Well it’s simple, two sets of three characters, such as three letters followed by three numbers. Examples of just a few of our many 3×3 private registration plates available right now are AFZ 353,  RNZ 676, DEZ 411, WIB 878 and SKZ 818. With their simple symmetry they look amazing, they have that instantly obvious personalised look, but at really low prices. What’s also really great is that many of our 3×3 registrations are also dateless. This means that if you have one of these stunning plates on your car, not only will it look good, but no one will know how old your car is! With standard registrations, the year identifier is always there to be seen, anyone can work out at a glance the age of your vehicle. This is not so with our dateless 3×3 plates, there is no year identifying character, and no one can see the age of your car. This is perfect if your car is getting on a bit, but you’re not ready to replace it yet.


Choosing a new registration can be tricky, there’s just so much choice, so our 3×3 range is the perfect place to start your search, especially if you’re looking for a lower priced registration. Our 3×3 plates are some of the cheapest we stock, and they represent amazingly good value. Not surprisingly they are very popular with our customers, we sell a lot of this type of plate, so you can rest assured we’re very familiar with the processes involved, well we have been selling private registrations for over thirty years now, so we have learnt a thing or two over the decades! Our reputation matches our name, Speedy by name and Speedy by nature! You won’t get a faster transfer anywhere else and that’s a promise. Our good reputation is something we’ve worked very hard to achieve and it’s something we’re incredibly proud of. Take a look on Trust Pilot and you’ll see great reviews from our satisfied customers.


It’s not just the speed of service that makes our customers happy, it’s also our high level of customer support. We’re with you every step of the way, making buying a new set of private plates a breeze. Our customer service phone support line is open 7 days a weeks, with extended opening hours so you can call when you’re not at work. We know that’s important to you. You can also drop us an email and one of our expert team will get back to you quickly, whatever your query. We also offer great payment flexibility, with a variety of payment options including PayPal. We also offer and interest free finance option for orders over £199.


So take a look at 3×3 plates now, and if you have any questions, please do get in touch!