St.Patrick’s Day, Paddy number plates


PAD 3Y Blogg

Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with a Paddy number plate

If you have been named after the Patron Saint of Ireland ‘Patrick’ or the female equivalent ‘Patricia’ why not celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day in style with a ‘Paddy’ personalised number plate. As countless St Patrick’s Day parades go on not just in Ireland and Northern Ireland but also all over the world just imagine how good you will look driving around on St Patrick’s Day with your ‘PAD 3Y’ number plate.

If you would like a Paddy number plate but your budget can’t stretch as far as the PAD 3Y why not opt for a PDZ two digit number or the slightly cheaper three digit numbers. For example PDZ 50, PDZ 14 or PDZ 818 are all available to buy today and the great thing is that they are Northern Irish numbers so not only are they dateless but you will be getting a real piece of Ireland if you own one. Speedy Reg wish everyone a happy St Paddy’s Day!