Celebrate St Patrick’s day with a new plate

St Patrick's Number Plates

Whether you’re Irish or not, St Patrick’s Day seems to get more popular every year. Well, what’s not to love, regardless of any real Irish roots, it’s always guaranteed to be a fun celebration of everything Irish, which no doubt includes some great music and a few pints of Guinness!  It’s definitely one of the more interesting Christian feast days. Have you ever wondered why it is that it’s more or less compulsory to drink alcohol on St Patrick’s Day? Well it’s because the restrictions of Lent are lifted, just for that day, so you can imagine, if you haven’t had a drink in a while, everyone is going to be rushing to the pub, so it’s become something of a tradition.  Head out on St Patrick’s Day and you’ll find something going on in most major towns and cities. Manchester even has a two week Irish Festival in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day. Visit London or Birmingham and you can watch the St Patrick’s Day parade.  You’ll find public buildings lit up green, water features and even the beer dyed green for the festivities. For those that like to know why we do these things, the green colour that we associate with St Patrick’s Day comes from the green of the shamrock, which represents the holy trinity as it has three leaves.

So if you’re a lover of Paddy’s Day and really want to celebrate in style, why not invest in a new plate especially for the occasion?  We have some great PAT plates available including PAT 1D, 65 PAT and AC02 PAT, or you could have a PAD plate such as PAD 111S or PAD 1S.

If these don’t appeal, you might be more taken by one of our Irish number plates which start from just £40 plus VAT. All our Irish plates are dateless, so if you’re looking to hide the age of an older vehicle they are perfect. You don’t need the luck of the Irish to pick up a bargain personalised Irish registration plate. We’ve got literally thousands of them, ready and waiting to be transferred to your car, bike or van, and it’s totally legal to have an Irish plate on a vehicle elsewhere in the UK. Our Irish plates are incredibly good value so do take a look. You can find them easily by searching via our website, or give us a call if you need some help. Our customer care line is manned by experts in the field seven days a week, with extended hours so you can call out of working hours too. If you prefer to email then just drop us a line at sales@speedyreg.co.uk we’ll get back to you fast.

Just remember, it’s nice to enjoy a Guinness or two on St Patrick’s Day, but don’t drink and drive. Leave your new private plate at home and take a photo of it instead to show your friends!