The pick of the bargains in our super sale selection


If you’re looking for a new number plate and would love to get a really great bargain, you might like to take a look at our sale section which you’ll find at cheap number plates.

All the plates in this section have been reduced in price and there are hundreds of them! It’s the perfect place for bargain hunters to snap up a great deal.

Let’s take a look at some of the reduced price plates we have for sale right now. We have X6 ANA reduced by £100, perfect for an Anna. Perhaps your mum is called Anna, this would make a great Mother’s Day gift. Pet lovers, or vets might like to invest in PET 44S, which has been reduced by £291 to just £1190, or perhaps N20 DOG is more your style, which we think is a real bargain at just £690, a saving of £165! If your name is Ashley, then we have the perfect plate for you; V1 ASH, isn’t it great? There’s a massive £500 off that one right now. Even better we think is BRY 4N, any Bryan or Brian would love that one! If you’re the happy type, you could tell the world with A6 JOY, now discounted by £60. If you’re a real ale connoisseur perhaps you’d like 520 ALE which is also reduced in our sale section.  If your initials are PH we have a great short plate for you; 27 PH, which has been lowered in price by £380. Jennifers could snap up a bargain name plate of E911 JEN reduced by £191 to £1190. We also have two great plates for Jans, 58 JAN and 71 JAN, both available for £6100, a reduction of £180.

Remember, of course as all license plates are unique, these are one off bargains, so if you see one you’ve taken a fancy too, grab it before someone else does! Buying a plate from us is very easy, just click on the BUY NOW button next to your plate of choice and follow the instructions. Our checkout process is very straightforward, and we accept a wide range of payment options from credit cards to Paypal. We also offer interest free credit if you’d like to spread your payments. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 02866 387124 or email us at Our customer service team is ready and waiting to take your call or answer your email enquiry seven days a week.