A First in UEFA Super Cup History

A First in UEFA Super Cup History


The UEFA Super Cup sees the winners of the UEFA Champions League go up against the winners of the UEFA Europa League, and this time, for the first time ever in Super Cup history, these two winners are from the same city, namely Madrid. So whichever team wins, it’s going to be a great result for the city of Madrid!


This event sees UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid go up against Atletico, who won the Europa League. The match takes place on August 15th at the Lillekula Stadium in Tallinn.


Tune in by 8pm


The match will be broadcast live on both BT Sport 2, with kick off at 8pm. Subscribers to BT Sport will also be able to watch online of via the BT Sport app. Of course there will be an exciting build up so tune in early if you can.


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