Cheap Private Plates for Wesley

Wesley Snipes blog


If your name is Wesley and you have often thought about getting a private number plate but always thought you couldn’t afford one your luck is in because Speedy Reg have a selection of WEZ registrations at excellent value for money. There are several four digit WEZ registrations starting from £99 plus VAT and the transfer fee and neater three digit numbers from as little as £590 plus VAT and transfer fees. The great thing about this type of registration is that it is dateless and so can be placed on any age of vehicle so you can hide the age of your vehicle very easily.

If actor Wesley Snipes, who turns 51 at the end of the month, was looking for the perfect private registration Speedy reg could offer him WEZ 36 at a very reasonable £590 + VAT and transfer fee or if he wanted the ideal registration he could go for WEZ 3, which would be an excellent registration for one of his more famous roles in the Blade Trinity; trinity being the number three.