St Patrick’s Day inspired Personalised plate

On one day of the year, practically everyone the world over, is Irish. They are Irish, they have Irish heritage and basically Irish blood runs through their veins. That day? Why it’s St. Patrick’s Day of course. On the 17th March every year, rivers flow green, beers turn green and faces are painted green to celebrate everything Irishness.

And on this special day, why not use it for inspiration and create a personalised number plate that stands out and represents you.

Here are two ideas to get you thinking.

1. The man himself – St. Patrick

Are you named after the great man himself? Would you believe that St. Patrick isn’t actually Irish? He was born in Wales  and captured by Irish raiders. They took him as a slave back to Ireland where he lived for about six years. He escaped back to his parents in Wales. He joined the Church and returned to the place that took him a slave. He came back to Ireland as a bishop and served in the North and West.

By the 7th century, he was already revered as a patron saint yet few details remain about his life. He died on the 17th March and it is this day that we celebrate annually.

Many children born around this time are named Patricia or Patrick; many have shortened versions of the names such as Pat, Patsy, Patty, Paddy.

If you’re lucky to be named after St. Patrick, then your personalised number plate could read something like this:

  • PAT 66Y – Patsy
  • MP54 PJH – Patrick Joseph
  • MP12 PTK – Patrick

Irish Plates

Perhaps you’re not lucky enough to be named after the man himself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your Irishness. Shamrock dies after a while and flags and bunting get locked away in sheds every year. So one way that you can celebrate the Irish day is by buying an Irish personalised number plate.

Not only will you be celebrating St Patricks Day but you’ll get a real bargain. Irish number plates are currently one of the cheapest way to hide the age of a vehicle. Plates registered in Northern Ireland don’t have a year identifier like England, Scotland and Wales. So if your car doesn’t look it’s age, then hide it with an Irish plate.

The format of Irish plates is typically 2 or 3 letters followed by up to 4 digits and unlike the English, Welsh and Scottish plates, the letters I and Z can be used. You have a variety of formats to choose from and there are a few ways that you can embrace the I and Z.

Here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Show your love of France or your French nationality – OUI
  • If you have a Mercedes, feel free to use – MBZ
  • If you have a Volkswagen, car, you can use  – VIW
  • Show your passion for the Welsh when you use – WLZ
  •  Display your nationality with pride with – UKZ

Get the luck of the Irish this year by selecting and buying a personalised number plate. They’re reasonable and fun. What more could you want from this national holiday which you can celebrate all year long?