So much choice with new DVLA plates


Now you can get your hands on a new 13 plate, there’s even more choice for personalisation with a DVLA Number plates. There’s literally millions of plates available, so you’ve got loads of choice. With the new 13 plate in mind, you could pick up a fabulous plate if your name is Rob or Bob. You could have RO13 AAA or BO13 ACE. If you share your car with your other half there could even be the right plate for you both such as RO13 AMY, RO13 ANA or RO13 ANG. Or perhaps you prefer your beer to your partner? In that case, there’s theperfect plate for you. RO13 ALE! If you’re the chief executive of a company, how about JO13 CEO? For a veterinarian there’s also JO13 VET available. There’s so much choice, it’ll probably take you ages to decide, but you’re likely to find what you’re looking for eventually. If you drink a lot of tea how about D8 TEA? IF you’re an athlete you could have E10 RUN, or maybe the more sedate D7 JOG! For a romantic gift you could pick up E8 LUV or if you really need to make amends, how about a permanent apology with AH13 SOZ?


Photo credit: Björn Láczay / / CC BY