Potholes – a growing concern


A recent survey shows that a third of all drivers have suffered damage to their vehicles from potholes. That’s a huge figure! With some bad winter weather over the last few years, pot holes are appearing at a rate faster than even the most conscientious council can fix them. So what can you do in the battle against potholes?

Well the council won’t fix them if they don’t know they’re there, so you should report any potholes you come across on public roads. If your car is damaged, you may be able to claim compensation, but only if the hole has been previously reported and nothing has been done about it, so if you regularly drive over a pothole it’s well worth reporting it in case it damages your car in the future and you want to try and put in a claim for the damage.

Potholes, even small ones, can cause a lot of damage, so it’s a good idea to avoid them if you can. Of course only drive around them if the road is clear and it’s totally safe for you to do so. If your daily routine takes you frequently down a road with unavoidable pot holes, it’s worth considering taking an alternative route until the road is fixed, and don’t forget to report it to your local council.

Photo credit: Deborah Fitchett / Foter.com / CC BY