Choosing a JEN Numberplate for Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter is a famous British actress who has starred in many great roles during her long and successful career. So what plate would you choose for her?

Well Jenny is a great name and there are plenty of plates to choose from that incorporate it. How about CO02 JEN if you think Jenny is cool!

Or we could pay tribute to one of her best roles with a suitable plate, perhaps RUN 33R to commemorate her performance in Logan’s Run, or maybe ROB 881E as a reminder of her younger days playing Roberta in The Railway Children or perhaps JUL 16N as a tribute to her recent performance as Sister Julienne in the hit series Call The Midwife.

If you would like a Jenny number plate there are plenty available at very reasonable prices, so you don’t need to be a celebrated actress to have one. Speedy Reg have JEN 176H available for example. You could also have JEN 550N, unless Jenson Button snaps that one up first of course!