Atlanta man sues after being refused

Atlanta man sues after being refused GAYGUY plate

James Cyrus Gilbert of Atlanta in the USA has had his application for three plates relating to his sexuality refused. The plates were GAYGUY, GAYPWR and 4GAYLIB. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had said that they are on the list of plates banned by the state, however they do allow some plates that express political or religious interests.

Mr Gilbert is now suing the Georgia Department of Driver Services stating that the plates are in no way vulgar and that his rights have been violated. The outcome of the case has yet to be decided.

There are similar rules here in the UK, there are many banned plates; plates that could be insulting or contain swear words are not allowed, however occasionally some do slip through the net, for example, Alastair Darling overruled the DVLA’s decision to allow H8 GAY as it could easily be read as ‘hate gay’.

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Photo credit: Jiuck / / CC BY-NC-SA