Texas number plates beats state record


The most expensive number plates ever sold in the state of Texas in the USA was sold this month. The plate HOUSTON raised $25,000 at the 2013 Great Plate Auction and was sold to Chris Gillman who was from, not surprisingly, Houston, Texas. The final bid of $25,000 was $10,000 more than the previous most expensive number plates sold in Texas which was bought in an auction in Dallas for $15,000 back in 2011. That plate was the very desirable FERRARI. As around 60-65% of the price of each plate goes to the state, it was a great day for Texas funds too. Charities also benefited as over $25,000 was donated to various local good causes. Other pricey plates sold in the auction were ROCKETS which was the second highest value plate of the sale which went for $16,500 and BENTLEY which raised $10,000 and was sold to an online bidder.

The winner of the ROCKETS plate also spent $4250 on TEXAN5, $2750 on INDY CAR and $1750 on MAYBACH. The winner, Tony Gullo from Houston said that he’ll keep the plates in his family forever, ensuring that his children and grandchildren would get to enjoy them too.

Photo credit: eschipul/ Foter.com/ CC BY-SA