Looking for Premier Plates for your new vehicle?


Buying a new car is always exciting. We often pay a little more attention to our latest car than our old one, perhaps we put it in for a full service, wash it more often or treat it to some top quality oil. But what else can you do? Of course you could splash out on a new magic tree air freshener, but what about investing in something worthwhile for you new vehicle? Premier plates could be just what you’re looking for, to add an extra dimension to your beloved new car!

At Speedy Reg you really do have a world of choice. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something apt and original that you’ll love. We’ve got plates for all purposes. Whether you’re wanting to advertise your business, express your personality, or simply hide the age of your not-so-new new car, we can help you with that. Irish plates are dateless, and we have the largest stock of NI plates in the country, including more than 6000 plates stored on motorbikes, all ready and waiting for you.

We’ve also got some great prices, so regardless of your budget you’ll always get a great deal. If you want a bargain plate for under £100, or you want to spend tens of thousands on the ultimate desirable plate, we’ve got it all. Our website gives you everything you need to easily search for your perfect plate, but if you need any help whatsoever you can simply give us a call and we’ll do all we can to help you choose the very best plates for your new vehicle.