Happy Hamburger Day!

You can’t beat a good burger can you? There’s a burger for everyone, beef burgers, chicken burgers even kangaroo burgers. Veggies don’t need to miss out on Hamburger Day with a wide range of tasty vegetable burgers now widely available, or how about a delectable spicy bean burger? Yum!

It seems like burgers have become fashionable these days, even in the poshest of restaurants, the humble burger is making an appearance with a wide range of ‘gourmet’ burgers on the menu. You know the ones, they’re so big, stacked up with extras such as bacon, hash browns, onion rings, blue cheese etc. You end up staring at it, perplexed, wondering how on earth you’re going to eat it. But of course you manage it because it looks so good so you just have to tuck in and make a mess!

Whether you like a simple cheeseburger, or you prefer your burger stacked up high full of exotic ingredients, this is a day we can all enjoy. So get the barbecue sauce and the ketchup at the ready because May 28th is National Hamburger Day 2017. It’s set to be a great day for it because the forecast says it’s going to be sunny. So that means only one thing… you can get outside and put the burgers on the barbecue! Yummy!

Love your burgers? How about a burger related plate such a B19 GER. Or perhaps you’d like one of our cheap BUN plates? Because of course no burger is complete without one! We’ve got so many available for the low price of £199. Just type BUN into the search box on our website and see what we have to offer, plates such as BU02 BUN and BU07 BUN are waiting to be snapped up. We think these would make brilliant plates for anyone who works in the catering industry, especially a baker!

Lovers of hamburgers can also pick up a HAM plate, we’ve got plenty of those too. You can choose from HAM 3R, T333 HAM, BA58 HAM and many more. Summer is the perfect time to get a new set of plates as you’ll be out and about more, making the most of the glorious weather.

Have we tickled your taste buds for a delicious new private plate? If you need any extra information on these or any other of our tasty plates then give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

In the meantime, have a brilliant Hamburger Day, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself!