FA Cup Final Set To Be Thrilling Viewing!

Saturday is going to be quite a day if you’re a football fan. It’s the FA Cup Final! We’ll see Arsenal and Chelsea compete for the coveted title of FA Cup Champions.
You can watch the coverage live on BBC 1 or on BT Sport. Kick off is at 5.30pm but there’ll be plenty of pre-match coverage from lunchtime onwards so why not make a full day of it and feel that excitement building?

The semi-finals were particularly exciting and the final is set to be avid viewing. Whether you’re a Chelsea fan, an Arsenal fan or simply a fan of the beautiful game, you won’t want to miss this match.

How will you be spending the day? In the pub soaking up the crowd atmosphere, or huddled round the screen at home with some drinks and snacks? Maybe you’ll even have a party to celebrate, a barbecue could be the order of the day!

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Not a football fan? Then Saturday is probably a great day to get out in the car, with everyone glued to the TV, the roads and the shops are likely to be pretty quiet, and as a bonus, the weather is forecast to be nice too! It’s set to be a great weekend!