Get Up and Grill – It’s National Barbecue Week!

Get Up and Grill  – It’s National Barbecue Week!

It’s time to get those sausages sizzling because from 29th May to 4th June it’s the 21st National Barbecue Week.

The weather forecast isn’t looking too bad, so if your barbecue is sat dirty and neglected at the back of the garage, it’s time to dig it out, give it a clean and get ready for a week of dining alfresco with that wonderful smell of cooking meat in the air. You just can’t recreate the aroma of a barbecue in the kitchen can you? Why not throw a barbecue party and invite your friends and family round?

Our top tips for the perfect barbecue…

Safety first

Choosing a spot to place your barbecue is really important. Keep it away from any trees or bushes and make sure you’re well clear of fences. Make sure it’s not in a high traffic area and that it is stable.

Don’t keep your guests waiting

Barbecuing can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to getting them lit. Sometimes they go up instantly, while other times they can take ages! Get your barbecue lit well in advance before your guests turn up and they won’t be left hungry for too long

Get creative

When the weather is hot, everyone is barbecuing. While you can’t beat burgers and sausages, it’s nice to mix things up a bit and create something a little different. If needed, take help from websites like It’s amazing what you can cook on the barbecue. Fish is delicious barbecued, you can even roast potatoes. Corn on the cob makes a tasty side dish. Or how about some barbecued pineapple for dessert, served up with ice cream or crème fraiche? Delicious! You’ll find plenty of innovative barbecue recipes online.

Make sure your meat is fully cooked

You don’t want to spoil a perfect day by sending your guests home with food poisoning! Cut into each piece of meat and make sure it’s cooked in the middle. Make sure the juices run clear. If you let the meat rest for a few minutes after you’ve cooked it, the juice will go back into the meat and make it even more succulent.

Pick a great BBQ location

Don’t forget, there’s a big world out there, you don’t have to have your barbecue at home. There are plenty of brilliant portable barbecues on the market that you can simply fold up and put in the boot of your car. Of course if you live in a flat without a garden, then this means that you don’t have to miss out on National Barbecue Week! You could head to the beach or find a secluded countryside location.

Whether you’re grilling in your garden, or you’re off on a road trip BBQ adventure, have a brilliant National Barbecue Week!

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