Vehicle tax services at the Post Office

You may not know, but there is now a new range of services on offer at 4,600 Post Office branches. For anyone with a car it’s good news.

So what exactly are these new services? Well you’re now able to tax a vehicle even if you don’t have the Renewal Reminder (V11) or a New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2). You’ll also now be able to tax a  vehicle if you have a New Keeper Supplement that is more than two years old.

You can now change the tax class of a vehicle at the Post Office, as well as tax a reduced pollution vehicle. You can also tax a Heavy Goods Vehicle with the Renewal Reminder (V85/1). There are now 400 branches at which you can get a duplicate tax disc too.

To find your nearest branch offering these extra services, check out the Post Office website, or enquire at your local branch,