Looking for a Car Reg for Rob?

ROB 1D blog

Robert Downey Junior is probably best known for his role in the Iron Man movies where he plays wealthy industrialist Tony Stark who creates weapons of mass destruction as well as all sorts of gadgets and inventions. From the film we can gather that the character Tony Stark is fond of his gadgets and fast moving vehicles but wonder if Robert Downey Junior has a similar personality.

The actor is well known for his mad personality and sense of style so the team at Speedy Reg reckon that he would certainly be into fast cars and personalised registrations. They even have the ideal car registration to suit Mr Downey Junior; ROB 1D. Speedy Reg also have a ROB 1C private registration available if your surname begins with C.

If your name is also Robert Downey or Rob Downey, Rob D, Robin D or even Roberta D and you are in the market for your very own cherished registration then why not give the sales team at Speedy Reg a call to discuss.

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