One More Sleep To Christmas!

It’s nearly here, tonight Santa is going to be very busy delivering presents, but you can take it easy, the tree lights are twinkling, it’s a magical time. No more elves to put on shelves, no more fighting the crowds in the shops for presents. If you’ve forgotten anything now, well it’s pretty much too late. Unless of course it’s a gift for a loved one and you’re going to feel really bad when they have nothing to open tomorrow. Did you order something that still hasn’t arrived, or has someone totally slipped your mind? Don’t worry, you can easily put that right with a Speedy Reg gift voucher. It’s so easy, you just choose the value of the voucher you want to give and you can print it out right now. They are simple to redeem too and the recipient can add to the value if they wish so they’re totally flexible.

So that will take you just a couple of minutes, giving you plenty of spare time to put out a mince pie for Santa and of course a carrot for Rudolph. Enjoy your evening, get the kids to bed with the promise of ‘the sooner you get to sleep the sooner Santa will come’, then pour yourself a drink, put on the festive tunes and enjoy this time as tomorrow’s going to be a big day!

We love Christmas here at the SpeedyReg offices. We’ve covered the office in tinsel, we’ve had our Christmas party and we’ve spent the last month wearing Santa hats, but now it’s time for our well deserved Christmas break. We’ve all worked hard over the last year so we’ll be taking it easy now. But the problem with working at SpeedyReg is that no one ever buys us the private plate of our dreams. They think it’s like buying a butcher sausages, so that’s one thing we won’t be finding under the tree, but you might be getting one? It’s not too late to drop hints you know, especially with those vouchers being so easy to buy!

Have a brilliant day tomorrow, enjoy your special Christmas dinner and make lots of great memories.