Have you put the Christmas Tree up yet?

Is your Christmas Tree up yet?

There’s no denying that the Christmas Tree is the ultimate symbol of the festive period, that’s something we can all agree on. But as to when you put up the tree, well that’s always in debate isn’t it? So what are your thoughts on it? Are you so excited that your tree is up in November? Perhaps you make yourself wait until December 1st, or do you put it up a fortnight before the big day? Then there are those types that put it up on Christmas Eve which always seems like a lot of effort for just a few days to me! But then if you have a real Christmas tree and put it up too early, by Christmas Day you could be looking at a twig surrounded by a pile of needles. Not very festive.

Then once you’ve settled on a date to put up your tree, there’s the decorating to do and that is even more time consuming, and again, the world is divided on just how a tree should be decorated. There are those of us who throw a rainbow of decorations on the tree, less isn’t more, more is more! Within each ornament is a memory, and the more lights and tinsel, the more magical it all feels. Then there are others who spend hours picking out a colour theme. Perhaps red and gold, or maybe a Frozen inspired blue and white. Everything then has to be equally arranged around the tree with beads in neat swags. It’s a tough job but the result will be a beautiful tree that’s perfect for posting on Instagram.

However you decorate your tree, and whenever you choose to do it, there’s something wonderful about stepping back and admiring your handiwork. It’s a feeling of great accomplishment when you switch on the lights and put the angel on the top.

So you can sit back and reward yourself, perhaps with a nice mug of hot chocolate, put some Christmas tunes on and why not pick out a Christmas private plate to truly put you in the spirit. If you love Christmas we’ve got festive plates you can enjoy all year round! You could have a Santa plate such as SAN 5A! Our ELF plates are flying off the shelf with choices such as 2 ELF, 5 ELF and 466 ELF or for the ultimate Christmas plate, how about XMA 2X?