Teacher Twilight – A Special Event for Educators

Teacher Twilight Cars Accelerating the Modern World
Teacher Twilight: Cars – Accelerating the Modern World

There’s an amazing new exhibit coming to the Victoria & Albert Museum and it’s all about cars. Titled ‘Cars: Accelerating the Modern World’ this exhibition takes a close look at the 130 year history of the motor car. Here you can discover how the car has revolutionised manufacturing and transformed our everyday lives. From the economy to the environment, every impact of the motor car can be examined with this innovative, fascinating and thought provoking exhibit.

If you’re a teacher planning to bring your students to view the exhibit, or are simply interested in knowing more to pass that knowledge on in the classroom, then this event is for you. Teacher Twilight is a chance for all educators to visit the exhibition and learn all about it in advance of a visit. In a calm environment, with a glass of wine, the expert curatorial team will talk you through the exhibition and answer any questions you may have. It’s a fabulous opportunity to get a real insight into this brilliant topic that’s bound to engage kids of all ages.

The event takes place on Friday 6th December from 17:45 to 20:30 in Seminar Room 1, South Kensington. Tickets cost £5 and must be booked in advance and can be purchased online. Both primary and secondary school educators are welcome.

Of course the Cars: Accelerating the Modern World exhibit is going to be a big draw to the public in general. If you’d like to visit, you can see it at The Sainsbury Gallery until 19th April 2020. Tickets cost £18 with under 11s free. V&A members also get free access to this and other exhibitions.

Features of the exhibition

Cars: Accelerating the Modern World tells the story of 15 different cars from their initial design, to the impact they had on the world. From concept cars to flying cars, these vehicles are going to wow and amaze.

Car subcultures: dekotora, lowriders, and ‘spinning’ Watch three short films discovering a world of cars in subcultures. Japanese decorated trucks, American low riders and the South African spinning craze will all be featured.

The evolution of European motorways 1920 – 2020 Our cars are nothing without our roads, and this  part of the exhibition show how the motorways of Europe have evolved to accommodate the ever increasing numbers of vehicles on our highways.

The car: petrol, power & pollution This part of the exhibition focuses on fuel and the environment. Taking a look back at the past, and a glimpse into the future.