Head to Waterloo for the Waterloo Classics Christmas Meet

Waterloo Classics – Christmas Meet

London based classic car and motorcycle owners will love the Waterloo Classics Car Club monthly car meets. The next meeting is on the 21st December it’s going to be extra festive as it’s their Christmas meet. If you’ve always fancied going along to a classic car club then why not make this the one? It’s a friendly club with a casual atmosphere and you’ll be made very welcome!

It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your classic vehicle and chat with other enthusiasts. The club meets up between 12:00 and 16:00 on the third Saturday of every month at the Lower Marsh Market on Lower Marsh Street, just behind Waterloo Station. Everyone gets together to check out the cars, then they all head out for a meal. It’s a fantastic social event.

You’ll need a parking permit before you can park on Lower Marsh Street, so be sure to print one out before you go. You’ll find it on a downloadable flyer on the Waterloo Classics website at www.waterlooclassics.com and you should also be aware that Lower Marsh Street lies within the Ultra Low Emissions Zone so you may be required to pay daily fee if your vehicle isn’t exempt from charge. You can find out if you need to pay the fee by looking on the official government website and simply inputting your number plate.

Even if you don’t own a classic vehicle yourself, a stroll through Lower Marsh Market when the Waterloo Classics vehicles are lining the street is always great fun, it may even inspire you to invest in your own classic car or bike and join the club! The Market itself is also well worth a visit. It’s one of the oldest markets in London with a wide range of stalls, including a great flea market and some fabulous street food available. The perfect opportunity for picking up those last minute items for Christmas.

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