It’s the Most Magical Night of the Year, Christmas Eve is here!

Speedyreg- Christmas Eve
Speedyreg – It’s Christmas Eve

Isn’t Christmas Eve wonderful? You’re all ready for Christmas, all that shopping has been done, the cupboards are full of delights to eat and drink, the presents are wrapped and under the tree. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax, put out a mince pie for Santa and enjoy yourself! But what’s that niggling doubt at the back of your mind? Do you ever have the feeling you’ve forgotten something?

Is it the turkey? Have you taken it out of the freezer to defrost? Yes, that’s all done, and it’s well out of the way of the dog this year, so that disaster won’t repeat itself. It’s not that. So how about a quick food and drink inventory. Have you got the sprouts that no one will eat but simply must be present on the Christmas dinner table? Have you bought a bottle of sherry for the mother in law, who will have one glass too many and start dancing around the living room? Yes everything seems to be in order there.

The stockings are filled, you’ve even got a box of chocolates put aside in case you need a gift for an  unexpected guest. You think you’re so well organised yet still that feeling is there, that feeling that you’re missing something important.

So let’s check the present list. The kids are all sorted, you’ve got whisky for dad, slippers for Auntie Joan, you’ve treated your sister to that perfume she’s been hinting about for the last three months and you’ve got your brother… hang on a minute, what have you got your brother? OMG! Your beloved best brother in the whole entire world and you’ve totally forgotten to get him a present. You remember now, you had your eye on a games console and were waiting to see if it came down in price on Black Friday. Now it’s Christmas Eve and all you’ve got for him is a novelty tie that sings Jingle Bells when you press it.

Christmas is ruined!

Or is it?

Don’t worry! Help is at hand, Santa has the answer, or is that just our director Des in a silly red hat? Either way, we can supply you with the ultimate last minute present, one of our fabulous festive gift vouchers! The great thing is, you can buy your voucher online and just print it out there and then. No one will ever know you’ve forgotten them, they’ll think you’ve chosen them a really thoughtful gift! So get to now and download that voucher, print it out, put it in a card and Bob’s your Uncle – which reminds me, did you remember to get a gift for Uncle Bob?

Christmas is Saved

Now you can relax

Happy Christmas Eve everybody!