Be Extra Nice on World Kindness Day!

Kindness, it seems such a simple thing, but imagine a world where everyone was just a little bit kinder? World Kindness Day is all about doing just that, being kind, making a pledge of kindness, and making the world a better place. From governments to businesses, to individuals, a little kindness can certainly go a long way and of course we all have the capacity for kindness so we can all join in with World Kindness Day!

Kindness across the world

World Kindness Day is pretty popular all over the world, it’s fun being kind! On world kindness day, people across the globe have brightened up the day of thousands of others with their kind gestures on this special day. In London, 10,000 chocolate bars were handed out at train stations. In Singapore, 30,000 Gerbera flowers were given to passers by and Australians had a huge group hug on Bondi beach.

Kindness is a wonderful lesson

The movement encourages schools to join in, teaching young people to be kind, to look out for others and try to help when their friends are feeling down is such a valuable lesson. Being kind gives you a great feeling, and discovering this can truly enhance your life forever.

How can you join in?

It’s pretty easy to be kind! Give a gift to a friend, take cakes into work, leave some money in a parking meter, volunteer at an animal shelter, do someone a favour or take time to call on someone who may be lonely. Being kind can be something as simple as giving someone a compliment. We’re sure you’ll find many small ways to be kind today!

Businesses can also take part with donations to charity, treats for their employees, or simply a word of thank you!

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Find out more and make your pledge

For more inspirational ideas for being kind on World Kindness Day, and to make your World Kindness Day pledge of kindness, visit the official website at