Highlighting the Importance of Positive Male Role Models on International Men’s Day

Today is International Men’s Day and the theme for 2018 is Positive Male Role Models. Did you know that on average, fathers spend less than 10 minutes a day having one to one time with their children? While of course, a mother can give so much to their children, having a male role model in  a child’s life can be hugely beneficial, especially for young boys. So that’s why this year, the focus is on bringing good male role models into children’s lives. Men that children can look up to, can admire, and perhaps want to be like when they grow up. It’s also about learning your part as a role model for young people, how to help them on the best path in life and lead by example.

How you can help

Studies show that having a good male role model in life can have a great effect on many aspects of a child’s life and development, and the official International Men’s Day website suggest the following ideas for enhancing the lives of children with positive male role models…

  • Mothers can encourage good male role models involvement in the lives of their children.
  • Dads can take more time to spend with their children and focus on teaching them important life lessons.
  • Teachers can encourage fathers to be more active in the classroom.
  • Clubs and groups can organise events that bring children together with their fathers.
  • Businesses can encourage their employees to join in community events with children.

Join in events across the UK

You’ll find lots of events all over the UK raising awareness as well as funds for men’s charities. There’s a men’s fun run Edinburgh, Male Role Model of the Year Awards in Northampton, The Big Gig music event in Camden, London and much more.

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