Personalised registrations for your surname


If you cannot find the perfect registration to suit your name then why not consider looking for one to suit your surname. There are many options to suit surnames and you may even find a registration with your first initial. If you are a single female perhaps you feel that you wont have your surname forever, however for sentimental purposes you may like to keep it on your registration. Many women keep their maiden name for professional reasons or perhaps if they get married later in life they find it hard to let go of their maiden name or just don’t want the hassle of changing everything over to their new name.

If your surname is Kelly we have lots of Kelly registrations on offer such as LKE 11Y or WKE 11Y. For any Molloy’s out there we have FMO 110Y, BMO 110Y and LMO 110Y. We also have an excellent May registration M47 MAY which looks like MAY MAY.

Again if you are finding it difficult to find an exact match for your surname you could always consider a shortened version or an abbreviation of your surname. For example if your surname is Gilbert or Gilroy you could choose a GIL registration, if your surname is Thomas or Thompson a THZ registration is an excellent choice. Speedy Reg have a huge selection of cheap Irish number plates many of which would be suitable for surnames. We even have a selection to suit many Asian names such as SHZ for Shazal, FAZ for Fazal or RAZ for Raza.

Our expert sales team will be able to pinpoint the registration of your choice or will be able to offer an alternative or suggest something else which you perhaps didn’t think of yourself. We will do our utmost to ensure you don’t go away empty handed and will always work with you to suit your own specific needs and budget.

It is important to have details to hand before you purchase a registration. If the registration you are looking at is a current or prefix style you will need to be aware that these are age related registrations and therefore you will need to be sure of the age of the vehicle you are transferring the registration to before you make the purchase. Our sales team will always check this with you before completing the sale. For example if you were purchasing BR13 MCC you will only be able to transfer this to a vehicle registered after 1st March 2013 so if your vehicle is a 56 plate you couldn’t assign this registration. In this case we will be happy to find you an alternative or if that isn’t possible all registrations are now available on certificate which you can hold for 10 years so this is an option if you plan on getting a newer vehicle at some stage.

All Irish registrations are dateless and therefore can be transferred to any age of vehicle so you will not need to provide the date of first registration at point of sale. In this case we will need to know whether the receiving vehicle is currently taxed, MOTd and registered in the correct name. If you are purchasing a registration which is currently held on certificate we will need to confirm the registered keepers name as this will need to be added to the certificate upon transfer.

If you are unsure about how a transfer works or if this is your first time buying a personalised registration just give Speedy Reg a call they are always on hand to answer any questions and advise you where necessary.