Start the new school year with a new reg

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What did you get up to over the summer? Did you enjoy a foreign holiday or tour around the UK taking in all the sights our country has to offer. Perhaps you didn’t get a chance to go on holiday because of other commitments but one thing is for sure the weather was a complete wash out.

As we all know nothing lasts forever and although a two month holiday may seem like a long time it goes in very quickly (perhaps not quick enough for some parents). If you are back on the school run again in the next few days why not give your car a bit of a makeover with a new registration plate. Just think you could be the envy of all the parents with your nice new registration.

If you have some money to spend and would like to treat yourself by bringing your tired car up to date why not consider a personalised registration to suit your name. For example if your name is Samantha but you get called Sam or Sammy you can chose from a great selection of Sam regs such as SAM 444A, SAM 927H or SAM 718Y. Just imagine turning heads with your brand new registration and at least your kids will know your car from a distance.

If you don’t have the budget to spend hundreds on a personalised registration did you know that Speedy Reg have a large selection of DVLA style personalised regs starting from £199 plus the fees. You could get a registration to suit your initials or your name, your surname or perhaps even your children’s names. For example if your name is Lorraine and your kids are called Lucy and Jack and your birthday is 10th September the ideal reg for you just might be LJ10 LOR, which suits Lorraine, Lucy and Jack.

You might even be lucky enough to find a suitable registration in our bargain section. We have a large selection of numbers ranging from £40 and £50 plus the fees. Many people have found their ideal registration in our bargain section for example SHZ is an excellent match for Sharon, or Shazad, THZ would be suitable for Thomas, VNZ is a good match for Vincent and LIG for Liggitt.

So why not be top of the class at the start of the new school year and be the envy of all the other mums and dads during your daily school run. A new registration will not only look great and bring your vehicle up to date but will also add value to your vehicle and be something that you can treasure and keep for many years to come.