What makes number plates personalised?

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A personalised number plate, is a license plate that has been specifically chosen by the owner. Usually, when you buy a car, be it brand new or second hand, you don’t have any choice over the plate you get on that car. It’s the plate the car was issued by the DVLA and it’ll consist of a random selection of characters. A personalised number plate however, is one that the owner has chosen and bought. It’s likely to have an obvious meaning. Names are popular, such as 53 BEN, VAL 406 and 616 DAN ( which incidentally are all available from us right now ). They are instantly recognisable as private plates. Private plates are often shorter than standard DVLA plates. In fact, the shorter the plate, the more desirable it can be. You’ll often find the shortest plates are those commanding the highest prices. The most desirable combination of characters on a very short plate can bring in millions, such as the plate F1 that sold for ten million pounds last year.

People will choose their plates for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they are an animal lover and have opted for a pet related plate such as F20 DOG, CAT 1 or PET 2 ( again, we have all these available at the time of writing ). Maybe they’re fans of a particular sports team, musician or actor, or maybe a favourite hobby they’re obsessed with will be the idea behind their license plate. Whatever the reasoning, it’s the fact that the owner has chosen this plate, that’s not a standard DVLA issue, that makes it a personalised number plate.

Here at Speedy Reg we know that everyone has different requirements for their perfect private plate, so that’s why we have thousands upon thousands for you to choose from. There’s literally a plate to suit every driver. We’re pretty sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for if you use our search engine to pick out your new plates, but even if you can’t find your ideal number plate, give us a call and let us know your requirements and we’ll do our best to help you find that special plate. We can also supply most of our personalised registration plates on retention certificate so if you spot your perfect plate and want to buy it before anyone else does, then this is no problem. If on the other hand you’re keen to use your new plates on your new vehicle right away, then we can also supply the physical plates so you can be up and running and looking cool right away! We have extended customer service opening hours, a wide range of payment options, including interest free finance, and the fastest transfers in the marketplace, so you can rest assured, you’re in good hands when you buy your new plates from us.