Buying a personalised plate is easy

Buying a personalised plate might be easier than you think

You may have always fancied a personalised plate, or have someone in mind who you know would love one as a gift, but you might have thought the admin and paperwork would be too complicated and time consuming to make it worth your while. You could be very pleasantly surprised to find out just how stress and hassle free buying a personalised number plate can be when you buy your plate from Speedy Reg.

We are the only company to offer such a full range of payment options. We have a 0% finance option, and you can pay via cheque, credit or debit card, bank transfer or Paypal. If you’re buying a plate as a gift you can simply download a voucher to print out and give to your recipient. You can even buy it now and pay for it later.

You can even buy your physical plates from Speedy Reg although you’re under no obligation to do so. If you do it’s just £20 a pair including VAT and P&P.

The Speedy Reg team are available 7 days a week to take your order and to keep you updated on your registration. If you want an update or have any questions then just call!