Did you know the majority of our number plates can be supplied on a Retention Certificate for 10 years?


You don’t need to have a vehicle at the ready when you buy a private plate from us. We can transfer your new plates straight onto a retention certificate. There are many reasons why you might not want to transfer your plates onto a vehicle right away. Perhaps you haven’t got a vehicle right now. We have a lot of customers who have ordered a brand new car and want the perfect private plate for it. Of course looking in advance is half the fun of a new plate, but what if your new car isn’t due to come off the production line for six months, but you’ve found a plate that you really love? Of course you can wait, but you risk the chance of missing out on that particular plate. Well if you think it’s ideal, then there’s a good chance someone else will too. We obviously can’t give you the same one, so you’re back to the drawing board. The solution though, is to grab that plate while it’s still available, and have us transfer it to a retention certificate for you. We don’t charge extra for this so it won’t cost you any more than if you were transferring it onto a vehicle. You can keep a plate on a retention certificate for up to ten years, so there’s no hurry to find a home for it!

You may also have a time sensitive plate. Some people like to have a different plate for a particular purpose. Perhaps you are getting married and changing your name. A new plate with your new surname is fun, but you won’t want to use it until the big day. No worries, you can keep it on a retention certificate until you’re ready for it. Or perhaps you love Christmas and want to swap your plate for a festive themed plate over the Christmas period. No problem, you can order your plate on a retention certificate, and swap it over when you start to feel Christmassy!

It also means that you can have more private plates than you have vehicles. There’s no need to fill your drive with cars just because you can’t bear to part with your beloved private plates. Just keep those you’re not using on retention certificates. Easy! It’s also handy for the indecisive. You can pick out a couple of plates, have one transferred to your vehicle and keep the other on retention.

If you’re a number plate investor, then retention certificates are very important. Investing in number plates is very popular. It’s considered a safe investment as license plates have a good track record of keeping their value or increasing in value. To maximise your profit, you’ll want to buy several, so keeping them on retention certificates makes a lot of sense. Of course, you’ll probably want to enjoy at least one of them while you’re waiting for the right time to sell. That’s the joy of number plate investment, you get to use them as well as profit from them!