Make us an offer


As they say in life if you don’t ask you don’t get. With many purchases you will see a price and think to yourself ‘is this worth it’ or can I afford that? Many businesses will have a set price for items for sale and will not deviate from this price. Big companies such as fashion outlets and supermarkets will not barter or accept any less than the advertised price.

Here at Speedy Registrations we will consider sensible offers on most of our registrations and we will also offer a price match guarantee on many personalised registrations that we advertise on behalf of others.  We will not generally move in price on registrations priced below £199 unless you are considering purchasing several at once.

We cannot guarantee a reduced price on every registration as each circumstance is different and if we are advertising the registration on behalf of a private individual we will need to speak with them before considering any offer. We will not consider offers which are half the advertised price or what we would consider unreasonable.  We will not give a best price as we will need to establish how much you are willing to pay before considering any reduction in price.

If you are considering our finance option we cannot accept any offers lower than the advertised price due to the type of finance which we offer. Many registrations are available on finance but not along with a reduced price.

We will always endeavour to match or better the price offered by any other cherished registration dealer for the same registration number, if also advertised by ourselves, to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.”

We pride ourselves on our highly competitive prices matched equally by our professional customer care service


If you have made an email enquiry about a registration we do like to speak with customers over the phone so please do provide a contact number with your enquiry where possible.  If the registration is not one of our own stock numbers we will contact the person who owns it first to ensure the registration is still available for sale and we will put forward any offer you may have.

If you see a registration you like and it is above your budget why not give us a call to discuss your options our sales team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the transfer and to help find something suitable for your own specific budget.