Remember to re-tax your new vehicle


If you have purchased a second hand vehicle which currently holds tax you will now need to re-tax it as the new keeper as any tax held on the vehicle will be refunded to the previous keeper upon change of ownership. If you are purchasing a second hand vehicle through a Garage they should inform you of this and may even agree to tax the vehicle for you.

In order to tax your vehicle as a new keeper you can tax online using the document reference number on your V5C but only if you are the registered keeper on the log book. Alternatively you can tax online using the document reference number on the V5C/2 (green new keepers supplement). Other options are to tax the vehicle over the phone with DVLA by calling their automated phone service on 0300 123 4321 or to tax at your nearest Post Office branch.

DVLA are unable to check the vehicle insurance details for new keepers in Northern Ireland online or by phone. If you’re a Northern Ireland new keeper, you will need to tax at a Post Office branch that deals with vehicle tax.

It is now also possible to pay your road tax by monthly Direct Debit as an additional way to pay for vehicle tax.

Tax will be automatically renewed and the Direct Debit payments will continue to be taken providing an MOT is in place at the point of tax renewal. Payments will continue automatically until you tell DVLA to stop taking them or you cancel the Direct Debit with your bank. Valid insurance should also be in place for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland.

The Direct Debit will be cancelled and payments automatically stopped when you tell DVLA that you no longer have the vehicle, or the vehicle has been taken off the road and a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been made. The Direct Debit will also be cancelled if a vehicle is scrapped by anATF, exported or if the tax class of the vehicle is changed to an exempt duty tax class.

If you are thinking about purchasing a private registration for your new vehicle and are unsure of what you need to do or what happens during the transfer just give Speedy Reg a call. We can advise you on how the transfer will work, what you will need to do and we will send explanatory paperwork upon point of sale, which will list the items we need from you as well as explaining the transfer procedure. We will guide you every step of the way until your transfer has been completed. We will also inform you of anything you will need to do in order to complete the transfer.