Avast Scurvy Lubbers! Aye, ‘tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Shiver me timers, it’s that most ridiculous day of the year again! Get your pirate phrases at the ready and amuse (or possibly annoy) all those around you for Talk Like a Pirate Day only comes around once a year.

It will certainly be a fun day here in the Speedy Reg Offices, we may even wear hats and eye patches for full effect. If you’re thinking of giving us a call, don’t worry, we’re really going to try hard to answer the phone without adding in any Aarrs! or Avasts!. However, we can’t promise anything as once you start talking like a pirate, it’s quite addictive!

Get yourself a good pirate name!

First things first, you can’t be a good pirate with a boring name like Jayne or Craig can you? So it’s time to find your new name for the day. We’ve used this fab pirate name generator and so we all have our new names at the ready.

The boss is Smugglin’ Tobias Fyshmaster, we think it really suits him. I get to be Cap’n Jezebel Graybeard, and I certainly won’t answer to anything other than that for the entire day. Alanda is Cap’n Helga Bluebeard and Craig has the honour of spending the day as Cap’n Mitch Chumbucket. Interestingly, a chumbucket is actually a bucket of rotting fish. Delightful! Sharon is undoubtedly going to have a difficult day as she’s ended up as Rum Balls Xena!

So go grab your very own pirate name for the day and you’re halfway there!

Go overboard

No we don’t mean walk the plank, but we think you should go the extra mile and really get into the spirit of the day with some great pirate costumes. It may be Talk Like a Pirate Day but there’s no reason why you can’t dress like a pirate too! Did you know you can even change your Facebook page to Pirate language? It’s there in the language settings under English (pirate)!

Have some swashbuckling fun

Have a great day talking like a pirate! You may enjoy it so much that you’d like to keep your pirate name a little longer? Why not type your new pirate name into our search box and see if you can find a matching private pirate plate?