Now offering instant transfers online


Did you know that DVLA have now given registered number plate dealers access to an online system which will allow them to carry out certain registration transfers? In effect this will vastly increase the speed of your cherished transfer, however for now only certain kinds of transfer can be done using this new system.

Are you selling your vehicle but wish to retain your current registration as you won’t have a new vehicle in time? Speedy Reg can do this on your behalf. You will be automatically issued with a new replacement registration for your vehicle and a number plate confirmation letter so you can have new plates made up. You will also receive the Retention certificate in the post from DVLA a few days later.

If you have purchased a registration through Speedy Reg and you would like the transfer done as quickly as possible we may be able to assign the registration online for you using your V5C and the retention certificate. Not all transfers can be completed in this way as there may be certain issues with the vehicle, however if the online system does not work we will still be able to transfer your registration by sending the paperwork off to DVLA instead. This will mean that the transfer will take a little longer but at the maximum only around seven working days as opposed to the instant transfer using the online system.

DVLA are working to decrease the amount of paperwork coming through and being sent out from them. One of the first moves was the abolition of the tax disc back in October 2014. In March of this year DVLA stopped issuing replacement MOT certificates, which took away the need to send an MOT certificate during a cherished transfer. In March the DVLA also abolished the renewal fee for a retention certificate, however any certificates that expired before this time will still need to be brought up to date and paid for.

As you can see big changes are afoot with DVLA and will no doubt continue in their bid to reduce paperwork and have all information open and accessible online. The sales and admin team at Speedy Reg will continue to keep their customers updated and informed of any major changes.