Famous June birthdays

30 years blog


Celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Heidi Klum, Michelle Keegan and Angelina Jolie all celebrate their birthdays in the month of June but did you know that Speedy Registrations also celebrate not just any birthday but their 30th birthday in June.

Many celebrate their birthday by having a night out on the town, celebrating with friends and family and being lavished with lovely gifts. Here at Speedy Reg we do things a little differently. Although we plan to celebrate the event we also plan on doing something that no one else does on their birthday – be generous to others instead of lavishing gifts on ourselves.

We are planning to reduce many of our registrations to just £30 +vat and transfer Fee for a limited period of time to mark our special occasion.

If you are in the market for a cheap registration or if you also celebrate your birthday in June and would like to get a personalised registration why not get in touch today.