London Transport private registrations


Did you know that if you own a taxi firm, a fleet of buses or even a haulage company you can hide the age of your fleet with an Irish number plate. Speedy Reg are the number one dealer in cheap Irish number plates so you will not find cheaper anywhere else in the market.

The recently released LTZ registrations are an excellent choice for London Transport as it more or less stands for the initials and because there are so few on the market you will have a very unique registration on your vehicle. As you will see from our website there are only 4 of these registrations available on the open market and therefore a very unique registration indeed.

There is a high demand for Irish registrations at the moment due to the fact that they are so catchy and the neater more rounded numbers such as the single and double digits are becoming more and more scarce so our advice is if you have your eye on a nice single or double digit Irish Registration snap it as soon as possible because it will not stay around for long.

If you have just purchased your first private registration and are not sure how the transfer works Speedy Reg will be happy to handle the entire process for you at no extra cost. We deal with DVLA on a regular basis and will be able to contact them if there are any delays in the process. In general transfers are being completed within ten to fifteen working days at the very latest.

We may now also be able to process your application using the new online system with the DVLA, which allows transfers to be completed online by registered dealers at the click of a button and are instant. If we are able to assign your registration online the transfer will be completed immediately and therefore you will be able to display your new plates the same day.

The online system does not work with every type of transfer so we will advise you if it can or cannot be done online. At the moment you cannot complete a vehicle to vehicle transfer using the online system but you can retain a registration online and you will receive a new replacement registration immediately.

If you are unsure of anything or would like to discuss purchasing a registration why not give our sales team a call today.