GBZ Number Plates


Have you noticed how popular Country music is at the moment, not just American Country but in Northern Ireland we have our own stream of Irish Country, with the likes of Nathan Carter and Lisa McHugh going down a storm not just in Fermanagh but across the Provence and beyond.

Fans of the 2012 American X – Factor will know only too well just how popular Country music is when Country music singer Tate Stevens was crowned overall winner in December, having enjoyed a comfortable lead throughout the series. Many in fact compare him to legendary country singer Garth Brooks and X Factor boss Simon Cowell is convinced that there is a gap in the market for more like him. Die hard Brooks fans may disagree however, perhaps believing that there is only room for one ultimate Country crooner.

Garth Brooks fans will be happy to know they can purchase GBZ private number plates at Speedy Reg. If you are not a Brooks fan but you have the same initials then this dateless registration will fit perfectly.