Why Would You Want an Irish Number Plate?


Did you know we sell Irish number plates? You may wonder why we think you’d be interested if you don’t live in Northern Ireland, but what many people don’t realise, is that you can transfer any of our Irish number plates on to any vehicle in the UK! You’re totally road legal, and there are no big complications when you opt for an Irish number plate. We have been selling Irish plates for decades now, dealing with them every day, so we know just how to get your Irish plates transferred to your vehicle extremely fast and without any stress or hassle.

But why an Irish plate?

Yes it’s all well and good that you can legally display an Irish plate on your UK car or van, but why would you want to? Well there are actually quite a few very good reasons…

Irish plates are cheap!

Perhaps one of the greatest draws to Irish plates is that they are really good value. If you check out our very cheapest plates, many of these are Irish plates. So for those who like a bargain, you get a lot for your money when you opt for an Irish plate.

They stand out from the crowd by default

You could pick literally any Irish plate and you’ll automatically stand out from the crowd and turn heads, because the Irish number plate system is different from the standard DVLA system we’re more used to. They are generally shorter too, and short plates always look super stylish.

All Irish plates are dateless

Another advantage of Irish plates is that they are dateless by default. So you don’t have to worry about the age of your vehicle when you’re choosing your new plate, because of course, you can’t make your car look younger than it is, which can sometimes limit your choices when you’re on the look out for your perfect plates. Additionally, it’s an ideal way to hide the age of an older vehicle. With an Irish plate on your car, no one will ever know the year your car was manufactured as Irish plates just don’t give this away!

It’s a great talking point!

Last, but not least, owning a set of Irish plates is just that big different. It’s certainly going to bring some questions as to the origins of your new and exciting set of plates! You’ll find an extensive collection of Irish number plates on our website, so do visit and pick out your new plates for the new year.