Love Your MG? We’ve Got a Must-have Plate for you!

There’s just something about the MG that makes people fall in love with them. While other cars may come and go, once you’ve owned an MG, it seems to be a lifelong love affair that never leaves you.

The company was founded back in 1924. MG stands for Morris Garages, chosen by founder Cecil Kimber as a tribute to his employer William Morris. From the start these sporty cars were very popular and in 1930 the MG Car Club was founded, a club for MG owners and enthusiasts. The MG Car Club is still going strong and now has over 55,000 members worldwide.

MG Fascinating Facts:

  • Royalty seem to love the MG too. The Duke of Edinburgh bought one in 1947 and HRH Prince Charles ordered one in 1969 which he later gave to Prince William.
  • MG produced their millionth car in 1975.
  • MG cars have set more than 40 world speed records.
  • MG hold the F1 speed record in the Caterham R400 Challenge Championship

Looking for Christmas presents for MG fans?

The MG Car Club has a great shop packed full of MG merchandise. Looking for a great stocking filler or secret Santa gift? Then how about the MG Car Top Trumps game? This was specially commissioned by the MG Car Club. The Club also have some stylish clothing and accessories for sale as well as books, DVDs and other gifts. Check out their website here.

The MG Shop also has some brilliant MG related gift items such as mugs, cufflinks, bags and scale models. An MG branded umbrella is a useful gift to keep in the boot of the car, or how about an MG phone charger and case? You’ll find all these on their website here.

But for the most perfect gift for an MG owner, may we recommend one of our very favourite number plates. MGZ 1924. This plate would look superb on an MG, but it’s particularly special as 1924 was the year MG was founded, this is sure to not go unmissed by any true MG enthusiast! We have many other MGZ plates too including MGZ 1212, MGZ 1190, MGZ 1200 and MGZ 1211. You can find your perfect MGZ plate by just using our search facility to bring up all the MGZ plates we have available. Then you can browse the entire selection and pick out your own favourite.