Hide the Age of your Vehicle with Dateless Irish Plates


Irish plates are perfect when the only thing wrong with your car is its’ age!  When you’ve got a car that you love, that looks amazing and runs like a dream it’s pointless getting rid of it just because it’s a bit old!

Buying a new car is fraught with issues and when you have a car that always starts in the winter and sails through the MOT every time, why trade it in for a car that might have endless problems? Sometimes it’s best just to hang on to the old faithful car a few years longer.

The only problem is, you end up with the oldest vehicle on the street, or in the car park at work. But you don’t need to have your neighbours looking down their noses at you, or your work colleagues making jokes about your vintage car. Nope, all you need to do is hide the evidence!

What we mean is, you need to get rid of that license plate that gives away the year of issue of your vehicle and get a dateless one!

That’s where Irish plates come in. In our opinion they are the best option by far for hiding the age of an older car. All Irish plates are dateless so you can take your pick of absolutely any Irish plate, and we’ve got thousands for you to choose from. They’re also pretty amazing value too. Take a look at the Irish plates we’ve got for sale and you’ll see some fantastic prices. We have thousands of super plates under £100, and many for just £40 or £50. If you’re not out to buy an expensive prestigious private plate, and you simply want to cheaply disguise the age of your vehicle so no one can work out how old it is, then Irish plates are definitely the way to go.

We sometimes get asked if ordering an Irish plate is complicated, but please rest assured, it isn’t! We’ve been selling Irish plates for over 30 years. We deal with the transfer of Irish plates to cars in England, Scotland and Wales on a daily basis. For us it’s simple, and we can also get your transfer processed fast so you won’t have a lengthy wait.

Take a look at our website and take your pick from our massive selection of Irish plates. When you’re ready simply click on the Buy button and follow the instructions. If you have any questions about Irish plates that we haven’t answered here then don’t hesitate to get in touch, just give us a a call or drop us an email.